HPSI Vibratory Driver/Extractors have been designed to be as dependable and free of downtime as any product available in today’s construction market. Some of the features to make these products the most reliable machines today are as follows:

Gear Box Fabrication

Supplied with quality steel free of laminated plate. All welds are full penetration welds and every gear box is stress relieved after fabrication.

Vibration Supressors

Furnished by one of the worlds leaders of rubber mounting and shear block products for years of dependable service.

Eccentric Gears

Produced from high quality alloy steel requiring no additional heat treating or hardening of the gear teeth.

Eccentric Bearings

Manufactured only by quality state-of-the-art bearing companies to our highest standards.

Hydraulic Motors

HPSI takes pride in using only the best hydraulic motors and pumps available in the industry.

Clamp Housing

All steel castings from foundries with expertise in casting products of perfection.

Seals and Gaskets

From the die cut eccentric cover and gear case cover gaskets, to the quality 5,000 psi clamp seals, HPSI units are fully capable of underwater use
and free from oil leaks.

Hose Bundles

Scuff-resistant hydraulic hose covers add longer hose bundle life to the hammers.

Power Pack Units

Powered by reliable diesel engines as indicated, or per our customers’ preference.

Remote Controls

Air remote pendants of 35 feet are standard on most units with optional radio remotes available.

Sound Enclosures

Sheet metal enclosures are standard on most vibratory packages. Reduced sound enclosures are available as an option on any HPSI power unit.

Special Applications

• Underwater

• 90 degree Turning Plate

• Stingers

• Lead Adapters

• Low Headroom Clamp

• Excavator Mounted

• Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils