HPSI is currently manufacturing the next “Large Vibratory Hammer”, the Model 800. Not only have foundations gotten larger, caissons bigger in diameter, piles longer but even a new line of sheet piles have been produced with greater sections, cross sectional areas and weights. The result of this is a new demand for larger hammers and HPSI is responding with the MODEL 800.

Those of you that know HPSI equipment know that our current Model 500 has dominated the large piling projects and outperformed the competition even when compared to their hammers that were supposed to be as much as 50% larger in size. This was accomplished by applying basic principles of mechanics and physics in getting the power to the piling – nothing magical. With the Model 800, you can expect the same type of “performance at the pile” and we can assure you that the Model 800 will similarly dominate the next generation of pile driving jobs. This hammer is a quantum leap ahead of any standard vibratory hammer on the market.

The Model 800 has the following performance specifications:

Eccentric Moment 8000 in-lbs 92 kg-m
Dynamic Force 222 Tons 201 Tonnes
Frequency, vpm 1,400
Amplitude .625 in 16 mm
Approx. Weight (suspended) 45,000 lbs 20,475 kg
Power 950 HP 710 KW







HPSI is known for manufacturing the world’s most powerful and durable products in the deep foundation industry. In addition to designing and manufacturing the largest single vibratory hammer in the world, our Model 2000, HPSI has custom built several large hammers to customers’ specifications.

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